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Mahmoud Sitohy

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The Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology has launched a call the establishment of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Offices (TICO) in the Egyptian Universities and Research centers in 2013. The main objectives of such offices is to promote innovation and encourage technology transfer. Some success has been achieved but still under our ambitions and aspiration. The presentation will discuss the vision of achieving better synchronization between the Academia research process and the industrial productive process.

The intended outcomes of scientific research should be new technologies handed to industry to get transformed products. Unfortunately, Egypt did not achieve a great deal in this process while smaller countries did. The civilization inheritance of Egypt will enable it to restore its position on the map of world progress provided that we can spot and fill the gaps which impede the transfer of technology from research to industry.

The presentation will discuss how the relation between Academia and Industry can be two ways equitable exchange in a win-win strategy. This will be more exposed in a proposed model. Then it will discuss the challenges and obstacles impeding the establishment of this Academy- Industry gearing and how to overcome them. Finally, the presentation will discuss how the expatriate scholars can participate in supporting this gearing process and why their role is indispensable and inevitable. This can be achieved through providing the high technologies needed or through participation in the gearing process from the start. They can also connect  the local industries with the international ones and connect national labs to internationally advanced labs.

This article was published in 3alamaltanmya

sponsored by Future Builders International Academy

Led by Dr.Maha Fouad


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