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Smart investors know the importance of diversifying their assets. You’ve got three buckets—Security, Risk/Growth and Dream—that will lead you to financial freedom and give you maximum reward for minimum risk. While many people think about the first two, too often the Dream Bucket gets pushed aside for later. Could this neglect be holding you back?

Seriously, right now, think about something that excites you. Something that would inspire you to earn and contribute more. Maybe it’s an event — like season tickets in box seats for the theater or your favorite sports team. Maybe it’s a trip, a new car, or even being always able to fly Business Class. The key is that the Dream Bucket helps you enjoy your wealth. Think of it as ensuring that you have a lifestyle, not just money in the bank.

For many people their dream bucket is about fun and excitement; but for others, their dream bucket is a way to make a lasting impact. Maybe it’s handing over the deed to a new house to your parents. Or maybe creating something that will help those in need that you’ve never even met. Take this recent moment at Business Mastery where a Dream Bucket focused on helping others inspired a room to come together and make a real impact

To donate to Operation Underground Railroad, go here. Your donation could make a huge difference in a child’s li

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